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Data meets dinner
The Approach
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Data has never touched more aspects of our lives – and we’ve never been more anxious about it.


New AI technologies have the potential to transform how we eat, but to ensure the right seeds were planted Swell set out to grow consensus around the role of data, AI and the food system in North America.

Technology works best when it’s cultivated from the ground up. That means building with end-users in mind and making sure the people whose lives will be impacted the most are on board.


In 2018 we convened a working group of farmers, scientists and technologists to find a common position on the role of data and AI in the U.S. food system. Then we introduced those findings in a showstopping report on the state of data and food, featuring the voices of farm workers and entrepreneurs who are using new tools out in the field. Throughout 2019, we’re taking our show on the road with activations at SXSW and hearings on Capitol Hill that will push this policy forward.