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Lyft ESG Campaign

Lyfting up a new narrative

Lyft (and other rideshare companies that shall not be named) were facing scrutiny on issues like driver classification to rider safety during the pandemic. This debate overshadowed the positive actions Lyft takes as an industry leader. Lyft partnered with Swell to re-establish their brand’s narrative with lawmakers on the Hill and in statehouses across the nation.

Lyft ESG Campaign – The Challenge

1 — The Challenge

Change the narrative to change minds

Free rides to work and to vote, cheap rides to get groceries, safe rides home after drinking, and fully electric by 2030. All programs that Lyft spearheaded to make sure everyone had access to safe, sustainable, and reliable transportation to get where they need to go. But at the time, lawmakers weren’t aware of Lyft’s actions and values, negatively impacting their ability to work with folks in Congress.

So we undertook the task of developing a campaign to target lawmakers both nationally and in key states without sounding like a corporate shill.

Lyft ESG Campaign – The Message

2 — The Message

Demonstrating progress on progressive issues

We chose to focus on two of Lyft’s main issues: sustainability and public safety––major focal points for progressive leaders today.

Our sustainability campaign tied climate resiliency to Lyft’s actions on equal access for EVs and EV infrastructure. A complex issue tamed to a simple vision: if you want to move away from fossil fuels, you’re gonna need to meet the moment with EV infrastructure. And not just for the middle-class, white communities but for everyone that drives a car.

Sustainability Messaging — Partnering with Odd Notion, we created a campaign that combined Lyft’s illustrations with locale-specific messaging to create a campaign that was playful, colorful, and bold.

Our secondary campaign focused on public safety, specifically, DUI reductions and safe transit through ridesharing, which was particularly timely with the upcoming winter holidays. The messaging focused primarily on local and national safety metrics.

Targeting policymakers, staffers and other KOFs, it was critical in developing this communications campaign that the messages remain authentic to the Lyft brand.

Responsibility Messaging — Another angle of the campaign focused on public safety and arrived in front of the public in time for the holiday season.

Lyft ESG Campaign – The Campaign

3 — The Campaign

Here, there, and everywhere

Our data and media planning experts determined that the best way to reach Democratic federal elected officials, congressional leaders, Biden White House staff, and other entities that shape public policy would be a highly targeted digital campaign including podcast ads and an out-of-home (OOH) takeover of 2 key train stations in DC. Show big as they commute home!

Social Media — We partnered with Unearth Campaigns to target key opinion formers and their staff nationally with our social ads.

Display Ads — We similarly targeted KOFs on through display ads featured on highly visited sites.

Display Ads — Our attention-grabbing creative led to a solid click-through rate for display ads.

OOH included a powerful print and digital board takeover of two major train stations in Washington, D.C.—Union Station and Capitol South Station—for capturing the greatest foot traffic near Capitol Hill.

Throughout this campaign, the message that Lyft’s values align with legislators and their constituents saturated the targeted audience.

Union Station Takeover — Union Station in Washington, D.C. was saturated in our ad campaign which drilled our message home—whether you were entering the station or waiting for a train.

OOH — Our goal was never to shame, but to encourage healthy and safe habits.

Lyft ESG Campaign – The Impact

4 — The Impact

Increasing brand affinity

Tracking in-depth campaign analytics, we saw significant social engagements from KOFs nationwide, including influential journalists, state representatives, and policy directors. Overall, our campaign increased brand affinity among high priority key opinion formers, resulting in more opportunities for Lyft to collaborate closely with national and state legislators and their staff.

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