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Tencue Rebrand

Make wonder

Tencue is not your typical event production company. They are powered by storytellers and innovators who connect people to each other and multi-sensory moments of collaborative discovery, pure enjoyment, and deeper reflection. We bottled their ability to make wonder into a new brand, website, and creative launch package.

Aerial dancer in red dress cutout
Aerial dancer in red dress flies through night sky with fireworks in the background
Tencue Rebrand – The Challenge

1 — The Challenge

Experiences for the person in the 14th row

Tencue produces moments that make the audience question what is possible, pushing past limits of imagination and blowing minds. Their immersive productions delight both senses and souls. They needed a refreshed brand and website showcasing their abilities as a creative partner and in constant service of their audience from every angle.

Tencue Rebrand – The Brand

2 — The Brand

A juxtaposition of the expected, and the surprising

In designing Tencue’s updated branding, we chose to think of the brand as a museum dedicated to wonder and connection, exceptionally curated to reflect its multitudes of multimodal expertise. In this sense, the foundational grid-like structure of the branding is one suitable to “hang” art upon.

Tencue's brand elements including colors, graphic styles, and typography
Grid of the Tencue logo and monogram on different colors

Color palette — The vibrant palette, both exuberant and refined, is inspired by the magical worlds created by Tencue productions.

Zoomed in detail of the Tencue logo

Custom wordmark — Tencue’s productions are never “cookie cutter” experiences. We created a bespoke and ownable wordmark to match that energy.

Grid of the monogram variations on a white background

Monogram art — Tencue contains multitudes, and now it’s brand does as well, with an ever expanding and flexible library of monogram art to express themselves.

Two examples of image treatments—an organic cutout shape and a gradient map duotone

Image treatments — Taking show-don’t-tell to the next level, the image treatments used throughout the brand showcase the vibrancy, quirk, and human-centric nature of Tencue’s work by jumping off the grid with collage and gradients.

Tencue Rebrand – The Website

3 — The Website

Positioning Tencue as an industry leader

Our goal was to bring Tencue’s multimodal approach to life, emulating the experience of an audience member at a Tencue production in order to show, and not tell, that Tencue is a leader in the event production space. We dropped the typical buzzwords, applied purposeful visuals, defined Tencue’s creative approach to demystify the process and build loyalty, curated their portfolio to display their niche, and elevated their biggest differentiator–their diverse creative team.

Interactive rich web — It was important for Tencue’s website to feel like their productions—rich with personalized, micro-interactions that surprise and delight the viewer.

Staff highlights — Tencue is a people-powered experience agency who’s core rule is to break the rules. Their greatest strength is their team of performers who know how to make an audience feel a story.

Tencue Rebrand – The Campaign

4 — The Campaign

We are GO for launch

By building a flexible design capable of multiple executions, we were able to develop a neatly wrapped launch package of templates, social posts, and an email presenting the new branding and website.

Brand story — We created a carousel social post as the first launch of the new look that did what Tencue does best–tell an engaging story. Language was specifically chosen to engage potential clients aligned with Tencue’s values.

Announcement email — We created a relaunch email introducing the new branding and leading audiences to explore the revamped case studies.

Tencue Rebrand – The Impact

5 — The Impact

Growing the business of wonder

With a fresh new design, communications strategy and templates, Tencue had the tools needed to expand their business by re-engaging previous clients and introducing new prospects to wondrous opportunities.

Client Kudos — We’re pumped when the impact of a campaign is felt so deeply by our clients. Our love language is words of affirmation, and Tencue’s Executive Creative Director certainly had some lovely sentiments to share.

Case Studies

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