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Eunisses For The People
Eunisses Hernandez

Of the people, for the people

Before her run for Los Angeles City Council, Eunisses Hernandez was at the forefront of efforts that centered investments in care across LA County. Efforts like stopping a jail expansion and passing Measure J to fund community programs and alternatives to incarceration that center human dignity. When Eunisses announced her run for L.A. City Council District 1, she approached Swell to build her campaign website.

Eunisses For The People – The Challenge

1 — The Challenge

Raising awareness to change the status quo

It’s not often that an incumbent loses a seat in Los Angeles City Council races. Incumbents often possess significant advantages, including name recognition, established networks, and access to resources that come with incumbency. And then there’s the city’s political machine, fueled by long standing relationships and endorsements that can be daunting to navigate for those outside the establishment. But that didn’t stop Eunisses Hernandez from launching her campaign bid to unseat then-Councilmember Gil Cedillo, whose track record had left behind underrepresented communities.

Eunisses For The People – The Brand

2 — The Brand

Adapting a brand rooted in freedom

We adapted the brand identity designed for Eunisses’ campaign by Mathilde Huron for use on the web by tweaking small elements for clarity, readability, and accessibility.

The logo utilized hummingbirds that have played important roles in Latin American cultures, religions, and mythology. The Inca used hummingbird feathers in their fine garments, ritual sacrifices, and even architecture. On the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, south of Cusco, in Peru, an entrance to an important Inca shrine was covered in hummingbird feathers. It is depicted in Pre-Columbian Nazca pottery & geoglyphs.

Eunisses For The People – The Website

3 — The Website

A platform for storytelling and fundraising

The website became a vital tool for gaining momentum and fostering lasting connections with supporters. It served as a critical platform to share Eunisses’ vision, articulate policy goals, and onramp volunteers to support the campaign, thereby strengthening trust and connection with communities ready to learn more and plug in.

Website — The brand and photography helped accentuate the optimistic message for Council District 1

A modular system for changing needs

Along with our work for Isaac Bryan, the Eunisses campaign formed the groundwork for building our own content module library. This system has plug-and-play content components that allow for speed and flexibility in changing environments and gives the campaign team the tools to respond quickly to new needs.

Module Library — Easy to use, easy to edit. The module library developed from this work underpinned numerous future Swell sites.

Eunisses For The People – The Impact

4 — The Impact

A victory for the people

Eunisses raised nearly $300,000 through the course of the campaign, primarily through small-dollar donations. More importantly, she won the election, securing 53% of the total vote to oust the incumbent. Her victory marks only the third time in 25 years that a challenger beat an incumbent in a Los Angeles City Council election.

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