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Independent Professionals Association

Independent, together

50 million people in the United States choose to work independently. These are the freelancers, small business owners, consultants, and gig workers that our economy depends on. They are the largest growing demographic of workers in the country. But due to antiquated laws and labor protections, the future of independent work is uncertain—here in California, and across the country. Independent Professionals Association (IPA) is an organization for independent workers to mobilize, advocate, and educate policymakers about what must be done to ensure independent work–and workers–can thrive.

IPA – The Challenge

1 — The Challenge

Defining independent work, and what is at stake

What is independent work, and why does it matter? Even many so-called “independent workers” aren’t totally sure. We were tasked with defining the issue for a targeted audience, and building membership of advocates representing small business owners, freelancers, drivers, artists, and creative professionals who choose to work for themselves. Envisioned as the “AARP of independent work” we developed the IPA brand and digital presence from the ground up, organizing a community of independent professionals, and setting the foundation for a national platform.

IPA – The Brand

2 — The Brand

A look and feel that reflects a rebellious spirit

The world of independent work is vast and diverse. It was crucial that we create a brand that was reflective of our diverse audience while maintaining a clear voice and vision.

Despite the many differences across the gig economy, our team identified a clear subset of traits that reflect this vast community.

The team honed in on these traits for the development of the brand and created a voice, look, and feel that is rooted in the strength, professionalism, individuality, and hustle that defines the independent work experience.

Brand Identity — A bold and condensed typeface paired with a primary color palette anchors the visual identity. The pattern elements help to reinforce the milions of independent workers across the nation through visual repetition and a dynamic sense of motion.

Brand Moodboard — As with all our branding projects, we start with moodboards that act as a visual playground to flesh out emerging ideas. For IPA, we wanted a brand that felt fresh, energetic, and as driven and inspired as the workers it would represent.

Brand Guide — In order to ensure the brand could be executed by future teams and collaborators, we created a simple and easy-to-use brand guide with digital assets that can be downloaded and used directly.

IPA – The Website

3 — The Website

A digital toolbelt for the modern independent professional

The IPA website was built with one goal in mind: provide a space for the independent community to learn, engage with each other, and take action on their behalf.

Web Design — The website acts as a hub for news, resources, and direct actions to empower independent workers.

The IPA resources were created in direct response to the needs of the users, providing useful documents and templates to help manage and navigate the complex rules and regulations surrounding self-employment. The clean design of the page allows users to easily navigate resources to find what they need in the moment and allows IPA to continuously add new assets to keep up with the evolving needs of their membership.

Resources — Tailored resources for independent professionals including agreements, time tracking, and invoicing.

IPA – Social Media

4 — Social Media

We hear you. We got you.

Our social strategy is multi-faceted and multi-phased, but our primary objective is to grow a community in the channels where independent workers are most active: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our content varies from educational content, important updates about state and national policy, and highlights of IPA members.

IPA – The Impact

5 — The Impact

A growing force for representation

IPA went from an idea to a 10,000+ member strong advocacy organization in less than six months. The organization continues to expand beyond California, and extend its footprint across the nation. We are committed to continue amplifying the diverse voices of the independent workforce, and fighting for legislation that preserves and protects the dignity and rights of people who choose self employment.

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