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Countering Misinformation
Emily’s List Action

We have the receipts

There are incredible women Democrat candidates and electeds in every community in the nation, but powerful misinformation campaigns make it difficult for them to get the recognition and support they deserve. Emily’s List wanted to explore a new messaging strategy to turn down the volume on the lies and half-truths and boost affinity for women Democrat politicians, so we teamed up with Black Women Animate and Vocal Media to make the truth viral.

Countering Misinformation – The Challenge

1 — The Challenge

Combating fake news

If we could describe online political discourse in one word, it would be “loud.” Everyone everywhere has an opinion about everything all the time, and it’s becoming harder to tell the truth from, well, everything else. Not to mention “fake news” has a knack for traveling farther faster—and hanging around longer—than actual facts.

What does all this mean? Simple.

We had to figure out what it takes to make an idea “stick” on the internet—then do that over and over (and over) again.

Countering Misinformation – The Project

2 — The Project

Time for some action

This was not your momma’s Emily’s List. We operated through Emily’s List Action (ELA), a newer arm of the Emily’s List brand which gave us the space to explore a style of messaging and content that pushed the boundaries of traditional political communications.

Taking our cue from some of the most viral memes of recent years—political and otherwise—as top social media influencers and personalities, we crafted a content strategy that embraced the most unique, chaotic, and compelling parts of Internet culture.

After extensive landscape research, we found that many of our key demographics simply didn’t know what women Democrat politicians were working on across the country. So we flooded the digital world with hard facts and data, packaged in a way that encouraged people to lower their guard and made the information digestible, accessible, and—most importantly—shareable.

Tl;dr: We brought the receipts.

VideoWe developed the strategy and script to create a beautiful and engaging animation highlighting some of our key politicians from this campaign.

Countering Misinformation – The Campaign

3 — The Campaign

Pacing with a pulse

In the rapid-fire world of online political discourse, our campaign harnessed the power of internet culture to elevate the voices of women Democrat politicians amidst a sea of misinformation. By crafting quick-to-produce, viral content such as memes and videos, we spoke directly to a digitally-savvy audience, making complex political content accessible, engaging, and shareable. Leveraging the influence of top social media personalities, our content not only resonated with but was amplified across broad networks, enhancing visibility and support for these key political figures.

This dynamic approach allowed us to counter misinformation in real-time and maintain relevance in the fast-paced online environment. Our strategy effectively increased public affinity for women Democrat politicians by transforming how political content was consumed—making it as entertaining as it was informative. Through this innovative blend of humor, relatability, and factual integrity, we proved that when the truth goes viral, it can change the narrative and shift perceptions on a large scale.

MemesThe first rule of getting politically disengaged people to pay attention to a political ad? Don’t make it feel like a political ad.

Countering Misinformation – Influencer Creative

4 — Influencer Creative

Amplifying voices

Our influencer marketing strategy is built on a foundation of strong partnerships and deep understanding of social media dynamics. We developed a tailored approach to influencer collaboration that amplifies our campaign’s reach and impact. By selecting influencers who are not only leaders in their fields but also resonate with our target audience, we ensure that our messages are delivered authentically and effectively.

This strategy involves careful selection and engagement with influencers whose values align with our campaign goals, creating a synergy that feels both natural and impactful. Through these partnerships, we open a window into the daily lives and genuine endorsements of our influencers, making each campaign message relatable and trustworthy. This approach not only enhances the visibility of women Democrat politicians but also fosters a deeper connection between the audience and our campaign, driving engagement and support through trusted voices in the influencer community.

Countering Misinformation – The Impact

5 — The Impact

Laying the foundation

In just a month, our ads campaign received 3.5 million video views and over 526,000 likes, comments, and shares. The results from this first run are beyond encouraging, and we’re looking forward to using the learnings from this to continue helping level the digital playing field for promising women Democrat politicians nationwide.

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