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Decoding the Future

Artificial intelligence is poised to play a major role in humanity’s future. From healthcare to data management to personal assistance, AI is becoming a more powerful tool by the day and Google’s DeepMind unit is one of the world’s foremost research suites advancing the field. But how do you safely design AI to be more human without blurring the line between man and machine?

The Approach
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Mind over matter

Machines aren’t human. They don’t learn like we do, so they must be meticulously taught. Through machine learning, AI researchers can teach systems to walk, drive, fly, and even conquer champion gamers. That’s exactly how DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI defeated the world’s top ranking player of the ancient Chinese strategy game Go. But machines will also pick up some of humanity’s bad traits without proper caution. Algorithmic bias can lead an AI-based facial recognition system to incorrectly identify criminal suspects based on a programmer’s own racial bias. Because the tech industry is overwhelmingly male, an AI-powered smart speaker might be prone to regurgitate gender stereotypes.


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Our team of researchers also process our findings into unique insights that can be packaged for social media. 



Deus ex machina

Our researchers and PhDs perform real-time scans to gather reports from all over the world and keep a steady hand on the beating pulse of breaking news in tech and tech ethics. Each week, we boil down scores of sources into easily digestible news briefs, connecting primary sources with commentary from leading industry critics and experts. Our team voraciously follows the latest updates on everything from tech regulation to diversity and inclusion and uses it to inform social media recommendations for DeepMind’s C-suite. We track updates and publications from over 120 of the world’s top tech watchdog groups and research syndicates to ensure groundbreaking developments don’t get lost in the cloud. We keep an eye on the horizon, so our clients can focus on the present and keep building the future.